In preperation for the London to Brighton cycle ride…

June 16, 2009

… I found a new, longer, road route. From Hollingbury to Ditchling Beacon and then hook a right below the ridge of the Downs all the way to Lewes. Please sponsor me too..



Plain Lazy shop in Lewes: 3D CADS.

June 16, 2009

Plain Lazy are opening a new shop in Lewes, East Sussex and I’ve taken the opportunity to learn a bit of 3D modeling/interior design. Here are some of my first efforts…

Plain Lazy LazyWeb launches…

May 28, 2009

I’ve been working with social media PR gurus – C&M. I met Roger over a cup of coffee at The Buttercup Cafe below the Plain Lazy offices. The idea is that with all these sites you can maintain; Twitter, Flickr, YouTube, Facebook, Bebo, Plebble, Fidgetstick et al it is better to try and maintain one site, the site that makes us money (Plain Lazy).

Plain Lazy - Lazy Web-5

So we made LazyWeb… with the ethos ‘Join us’. Users can join the community by creating a Lazy video or picture and upload it to YouTube or Flickr. Each month we’re awarding a range of cool prizes for the ‘Laziest in Class.’ People can also comment using twitter with #tag: #plnlzy and they’re tweets will appear on the website. Users can also rate us on plebble and a live feed will stream onto LazyWeb.

Join us…

New mail order catalogue for Plain Lazy Clothing…

April 7, 2009

Brief: Create a mail order catalogue for lifestyle clothing brand Plain Lazy, which portrays the interesting and tongue-in-cheek nature of the clothing.

These are the first two mail order catalogues, I art directed the photography and worked on the layout and the editorial for both catalogues. We used Cornish photographer Kirstin Prisk for the photography and Plain Lazy’s friends and riders as models. The Winter catalogue was the Daily Lazy, so it was designed like a newspaper, with stories, adverts, games and classified. We went a bit out there with the Summer catalogue, we hired The Tarantulas and local illustrator Jenny Mumford to illustrate comics that we wrote and we shot the photos in quite a comical way. You can order a paper copy or view it online.

Jamaican windsurfing scene…

February 16, 2009

I was hoping to update and keep this blog live with all I’ve been upto, partly for my memory. But access to the world wide web has been limited.

I’ve covered quite a lot of Jamaica in total, had one great windsurf and met the whole Jamaican windsurf crew of about 5!

I windsurfed with my cousin Richard and borrowed his 90 ltr and 4.2m, really nice a smooth on the inside for gybing and freestyle and then through a gap in the reef to the waves on the outside, which were pretty small. Richard’s kit is stored rigged up on the beach in this shed which is owned by Shaka, who is super keen windsurfer and really fast, he also loves dominos.

I’ve missed a lot of good days because I haven’t had a car but the windsurfing conditions are awesome here, as good if not better than Cabarete or St Lucia (apparently), and totally undiscovered and uncrowded!
I have to organise a crew of windsurfers to come out here at some point.

I’m off to Falmouth tomorrow to windsurf and kitesurf with Brian who is the windsurfing guru of Jamaica, super nice dude and a great teacher from what I hear. He spends half his time here and half at The Gorge in Oregon. He has some kit but is always stoked to meet new windsurfers. He’s really pationate about getting Jamaican windsurfing on the map. All that is needed is a bit of land for some appartments for people to crash and some kit suppliers, and maybe invest in some of the locals and get them on the world tour. It’s such a short hop from the US that it could really take off as a windsurfing spot.

News from the ‘Mother’ land…

January 29, 2009

…opening doors – a simple operation for you and I,  seemed to beyond the Virgin staff yesterday. The doors to the cargo hold wouldn’t open, as my fellow quite angry flying compatriates and I found out after two hours of staring at a spinning baggage carousel with one lonely pink bag spinning round and round. The pink bag, Jamaicans returning home, the Saga travellers and I were then in a mad rush to fill out forms, of which there seemed to be too little, in order for our bags to be returned to us, via London, a repair shed, and back to Montego Bay.

All is good now, tying to relax, proving quite tricky as lots still swirling in my head but at least the body is relaxing to good food, amazing views and sun.

I am staying in an amazing house which was where my mother was born, hence “Mother” land. I know she and my father have some amazing memories of this place and I can see why. The smells are great, flowers, old mahogany book shelves and furniture that smell beautifully in their age. The views across MoBay are astonashing and there’s wind…

What I need for Jam.

January 26, 2009

For the first time ever, I have been massively organised and started packing early. It’s probably becasue I am massively excited about getting out of this country and hitting the road, Jack. And won’t come back for for at least a month. I’m off to Jamaica, Mo Bay tomorrow where I will be heading to the house of my mothers birth, Tamarind.
So I need mossie spray,
iPod and lead,
phone charger,
sketch book and pencils,
camara leads,
shampoo and soap,
windsurfing harness,
flip flops,
shorts x 4
t-shirts x 6.

National Bunk Off Day

January 23, 2009

I’m organising, through the company I work, Plain Lazy,  a National Bunk off Day

It’s to see if we can get hundreds, no thousands, no let’s get tens of thousands of people bunking off on one day? So invite as many poeple as you can and build a revolution!!!

It’s a bank holiday weekend, so we want to make three days off, four.
We want to bunk off and go and do something fun. Let’s go surfing and mountain biking…
We want loads of protests, we want loads of photographic evidence and we want loads of people to join us for a mass protest and a mountain bike or a surf.
A step towards a 5 day weekend!
Organize your own day off or join us for…
SURFING PROTEST… Join us at Fistral Beach, Newquay, Cornwall for a surf and a beer.
BIKE PROTEST… meet us on the South Downs at the top of Ditchling Beacon, Brighton, East Sussex, for a ride and a pint.

Midday on the 22 – May – 2009

Hello world!

January 23, 2009

Thanks wordpress for the idea of a title… I’ve been meaning to set up a new blog for ages, and seeing as I’m going away and I would like to keep my loved ones in touch with what I am doing it is a great excuse to start one.
No one is reading this yet, but “Hello World”!